Be Free

Important Things to be Free
I wanted to share you a list with my comments, hoping it acts as a road map for a new life or a reminder if you’ve already started the process of sawing the heavy shackles that have held you down for so long.
– Living freely by crafting a life on our own terms.
I think so many live their lives on other people’s terms and it creates dark tunnels and dead ends.  I’ve been there.  Craving a life based on your own terms is the new horizon.  Kick down the picket fence.  Toss the time card.  Forget the idea of standards or what you believe your life should look like because parents, friends, society, or an older more afraid version of you drew a blueprint that “made sense” a long time ago.  Passion, drive, and truth is what creates magic and there is no room for it if you are not living life on your own terms.  What if you were to burn those prints and redesign your life?  What would that look like?  How would that change you?
– Being free in the moment from oppressions, of past hurts and present anxieties. 
This is a big one.  I don’t know if it’s possible to be completely free of this. But I don’t think that’s the way to approach it.  I think it’s about acquiring tools to manage oppressions, past hurts, and present anxieties. Processing, awareness, release / calm, breathing and balance.  You need someone to process.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be a therapist or life coach.  It can be a friend or your partner.  Just make sure they have some capacity and emotional intelligence.  Release and balance can be done through various activities.  Not just yoga and meditation.  Weightlifting and motorcycle rides can bring them.  The key is to be aware and thread daily rituals into your life to feel, let go, and express yourself, through words, art, fitness, whatever works for you.
– Being lighthearted and spontaneous as free spirits.
I used to take life very seriously.  That’s why my furrows are so deep and ingrained.  I call them Marky Marks.  Today, I take life more seriously.  Because I feel like I’ve found my purpose, something I never felt like I had before.  But I’m much more light hearted and free than before.  The difference between then and now isn’t how serious I am.  It’s making a conscious choice to let go of things I don’t have control over.  Like other people’s opinions.  Reactions to me.  Random turn of events.  The ability to know what to put weight on and when to let go and allow God, the universe, destiny take the wheel and just ride shotgun.  To observe and learn instead of trying to smash things where they don’t fit.  This creates distance and allows me to pull from my heart instead of my ego.  It allows me to trust my story and be less afraid.  Your spirit must be free for you to have a voice.  Without a voice, you will never be free.
– Courageously speaking out thoughts, feelings, and ambitions with those around us, without concern about acceptance.
We all want to be accepted.  We all want approval.  But the question is at what cost?  Your potency will always live in your truth.  If you do not create a space to express it, you are not only losing your voice, you are losing your potential.  And we will be losing your gifts.  Where in your life do you allow yourself to be muted?
– Enjoying our free will to pursue abundant happiness, wealth, health, achievement, and contributions.
It’s okay to want things.  Many feel they don’t deserve the things what they want.  Or they feel guilty after getting them.  It’s okay to pursue in abundance.  This is America.  Your world will be brighter and you will be left with more fuel, assuming you know that the nectar is found in the chase, not the gold.  So go after whatever you want, run toward it with out limits.  And when you get there, celebrate your accomplishments.  Free yourself from the limitations you put on what you feel you deserve.  You deserve the world.  Go after it.

– Freely loving who we choose to with passionate abandon.
To me, this means to love without being afraid.  Love without thinking about the future or what the relationship is going to look like.  Love without a plan.  Love in the moment.  Without fear.  Without residue.  This is one of our greatest freedoms, yet one of the most difficult things to do.  We don’t allow ourselves to be free with love.  We hold, trap, define, judge, control, and become our own prisoners.  To tell yourself you are willing to be abandoned and yet choose to love as hard and honest as you can, is complete freedom.

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