Choose the better side of life.

Choose the better side of life.
No matter which way you look at it, life is one long series of challenges, and each challenge requires us to make a choice, and it can be difficult to remain positive and upbeat about every one of those choices. How many of us make the right choice every time? But of course, making mistakes is how we learn, so would anyone really want to be perfect and make the right choice every time?
This is all well and good for those who get it right more often than not, but what about those people who seem to get it wrong almost every time? When this happens and you feel you’re almost certain to get it wrong whatever you do it soon becomes hard to make any choice at all.
This can often be the beginning of a downward spiral of negative thinking that can end in severe depression and even worse. However it is possible to find a way out of that downward spiral and become the sort of positive thinking person who regards every challenge as a learning experience to look forward to.
the better side of life  will show you how to stop that downward spiral and how to take the first steps toward becoming a real positive thinker whatever the challenges you have to face.



Posted by Peter Ford

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