Take Control of Your Thoughts

Take Control of Your Thoughts 

Think about the world we live in today. Think about how much negative news floods the television. Think about the trivial and often times, petty banter that we can get mixed up on in social media. What do you think that does to your mind, or even your soul over time?

If you don’t watch what you let into your mind – negative thoughts from yourself or from others – then you are allowing weeds to grow and to spread. Life just starts to happens to you. No matter how smart you are, how savvy you are, how inspired you are – if you don’t stand guard at the door of your mind, then you are giving the tacit approval of the disempowering, disenchanting and disillusioning.
So what’s the best way to feed your mind? To proactively feed it. And that is a lot easier than you may think. Tell yourself that this year, there isn’t going to be a single day where you don’t do something that positively feeds your mind. Even if it’s as minuscule as reading for 10 minutes a day. Even if it’s meditating for 10 minutes every morning. Think that’s too much? Then what about listening to a podcast on your commute. How much extra time does that take out of your day? Absolutely none!
The more that you make this a habit, the more engrained it will become in the way you go throughout the day. Negative news on the television will begin to signal you to change the channel. Pedantic arguments on social media will inspire you to watch an inspiring YouTube clip. The stress of a morning commute may even turn into your favorite part of the day as you listen to an empowering and enlightening podcast.
Eventually, these small changes will add up in one very big way. You will become more in control of your thoughts. You will become more in command of your environment. And you will be more conscious of the ways that you can elevate your life and find new opportunities for improvement.

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 The article was posted by: Tony Robbins
 Original title: Feed Your Mind

6 comentários:

Isabela Rustand disse...

Everyday I do yoga in the morning. It makes me feel grounded and relaxed. It actually helps me prevent bad thoughts that may come to my mind now and then.

Carmen disse...

Meditação é a alma do negócio. Desde que comecei a implantar isso em minha vida, me tornei uma pessoa mais blindada. Essa enxurrada que vemos de desgraças na TV não me causa tanto impacto, até porque diminuí bastante a frequência com o qual a vejo.

Clara Farias disse...

Pode parecer fácil, mas nem sempre é. Ter controle dos nossos pensamentos nem sempre é algo simples quando sua mente na está sã. Daí decorre a depressão, doença (sim, doença) cada vez mais frequente, inclusive em jovens.

Amanda Muller Garcia disse...

As pessoas que recorrem à meditação e à mentalização de coisas boas tendem a absorver menos as notícias ruins, negativas. Você passa a trabalhar sua mente para que, de certa forma, bloqueie esse tipo de entrada.

Natalia Santos disse...

Tenho muita dificuldade com isso, pois como terapeuta, não consigo separar os problemas dos meus pacientes com minha vida pessoal. Isso me deixa pra baixo. É uma luta diária contra estes pensamentos que não saem da minha cabeça. Difícil se desvencilhar.

Teresa Monteiro disse...

Stressed? Have a massage, do yoga, practice meditation or anything that could bring you up. You only get sad if you are open to it. It’s the mindset that matters. No bad vibes ;)

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